Our visual identity pays homage to the vibrant roots of Pagode, a Brazilian musical genre born from the heart of Rio de Janeiro in the '80s. This project is a nostalgic journey that delves into the warm and saturated hues of the era, reminiscent of those lively backyard samba gatherings that shaped the genre.

Our design channels the spirit of Pagode, incorporating elements like magazine covers and football stickers that reflect the era's cultural vibrancy. The result is a visual identity that vividly captures the essence of Pagode's pioneers, its colorful history, and the warm nostalgia that continues to resonate.

︎︎︎My Role

Concept and Design


Creative Leader: Renan Monjon and Saulo Monjon

Design: Juliano Shimizu,Laissa Moreira and Mateus Acioli

Agency: SOKO
Client: Spotify