Laíssa Moreira

Graphic Design
and Art Direction

Printed and digital calendar – a poster and web program that runs on your computer or mobile. The white triangle indicates where the sunlight comes from; on the moon and earth, it is possible to see where it is day and where it is night. The grey cross rotates with the sun and marks the positions of the 4 moon phases. The colored lines correspond to the direction of the sun's incidence at the solstices and equinoxes. Clicking on them takes the model to each of these dates and clicking on the earth returns you to the present. Mouse scrolling allows you to view the entire set from the north or south.

On the printout, we explore the real scale of the stars – the earth (in the center), the sun (the perimeter drawn by the dates), the moon (at the other end of the colored lines), and the earth-moon distance are all on the same scale. The layout is equal to the digital model seen by the southern hemisphere. The year begins at the noon position, and with the earth's axis stopped at the center, the sun and moon rotate clockwise. The lines indicate the direction of the sun for each date; the thick ones mark the seasons and the thin ones, the full and new moons.

Design and Coding: estúdio logos by Julio Mariutti in partnership with Tainá Fechio, Laíssa Moreira e Pedro Fabra.