Heinz is one of the most tattooed brands in the world, but with the recent ban on 4,000 of the ingredients used to make them, colored tattoo ink has been facing some problems worldwide, and unfortunately for these fans, red is the most problematic of all pigments.

There's no Heinz without red, just like there's no Heinz without caring for the best ingredients.

We teamed up with Electric Ink, one of the world's largest tattoo ink manufacturers, to create the perfect ink for Heinz's fans – with our red and our quality in it.
During the 14 months of ink development, we also worked on stencils to be tattooed once the Heinz Tattoo Ink was available. To do that, we counted on 5 Brazilian tattoo artists to craft 57 all-red stencils in their own tattoo styles. They were then turned into posters distributed to parlors as flash tattoo sheets.

These posters inspired people to get tattooed with Heinz's drawings and ink, and those who did were photographed and brought to outdoor media.

Once the Heinz Tattoo Ink was announced, we got requests from tattoo artists worldwide.
︎︎︎My Role
Visual identity and Art Direction

︎︎︎Cannes Lions
2023, Bronze, Brand Experience Activation
2023, Shortlist, Industry Craft
2023, Shortlist, Inovation
2023, Shortlist, Illustration, Brand & Communications Design.

Creative leader: André Savastano
Design and Creative Leader: Renan Monjon and Saulo Monjon
Art direction and Design: Juliano Shimizu, Kauã Michelin and Laissa Moreira
Copywriter: André SavastanoArtists/Illustrators: Leo Neguin, Elissa Rocabado, Renan Cruz, Fernando Felix, Helena Obersteiner
Client: Kraft Heinz
Agency: SOKO