Laíssa Moreira (in progress)

Graphic Design
and Art Direction


Laíssa Moreira 

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Heinz Tattoo Ink

Heinz is one of the most tattooed brands in the world, but with the recent ban on 4,000 of the ingredients usd to make them, colored tattoo ink has been facing some problems worldwide, and unfortunately for these fans, red is the most problematic of all pigments.

There's no Heinz without red, just like there's no Heinz without caring for the best ingredients.

We teamed up with Electric Ink, one of the world's largest tattoo ink manufacturers, to create the perfect ink for Heinz's fans – with our red and our quality in it.


Astronomic Calendar

Printed and digital calendar – a poster and web program that runs on computer or mobile.

An astronomical calendar tracks celestial events, such as the positions of the sun, moon, and stars. It provides information on sunrise, sunset, moon phases, solstices, and equinoxes.

E Se Fosse No Brasil

"E se fosse no Brasil?" (What if this happened in Brazil?) is a collaboration between Stone and Razões para acreditar to promote kindness, Brazilian-style. The project's concept involved producing a series of 10 episodes that were shared on their social media channels. Each episode introduces a character who shares a story about a business built on trust, highlighting the unique Brazilian qualities of faith, affection, and hard work.

Speaker Series

Posters made for The "Speaker Series", a series of talks with people in the creative industry.